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Ian Millman

A leading entrepreneur in the great state of new york

About Ian Millman

Ian Millman is an entrepreneur in the Dix Hill, New York area who has developed a powerful career based on his ability to seek out excellent talent and build deep connections that empower all involved. His career thus far has largely been in two areas – Major League Baseball and Education.

From a young age, Ian Millman found baseball to be a uniquely diverse sport, and he fell in love with the ways that baseball pushed him to succeed in a number of different areas – in teamwork, number-crunching, and networking. This sport was exactly what young Ian needed to succeed.

After his youth experiences, he was able to develop into a professional athlete by joining a number of minor league teams throughout the New York area and beyond. In ‘97, he was a relief pitcher for the Albany Diamond Dogs and the Catskill Cougars in NY, and he would travel for a time to play for the Bayou Bulldogs in Los angeles. He is very proud of his career in the minor leagues, and it provided him with a number of experiences, connections, and skills.

Ian Millman’s entrepreneurial spirit was fostered in the Minor Leagues, and he sees a great deal of similarity between the ways that a small business develops and the ways that a small team grows. 

Ian is no stranger to founding organizations either. In 2003, he was able to found the New York Nine, a summer travel team which provides young athletes with the opportunities to grow and develop under the guidance of professional scouts and athletes like Millman himself. He founded this organization after a conversation with his college Frank Paine, another Major League Scout. They saw an opportunity to provide youth athletes with a stepping stone towards college scholarships and major-league careers, and they have provided that in spades. The New York Nine saw the development and growth of hundreds of athletes over the course of more than 15 years. Out of 277 eligible players, 265 were either admitted to colleges with scholarships and aid, or they signed professional contracts. Since 2013, 100% of graduating seniors continued to play at the collegiate or professional level.

Ian Milman’s work with the New York Nine has been instrumental in the development of not only young minds, but also the organization itself. Today, it has been merged with the Bayside Yankees, another travel team in the New York area. This merger has already seen dozens of athletes signed to the professional level, and expects to see dozens more. 

Looking forward, Ian Millman plans to dive deeper into the world of entrepreneurship, aware of the skills and abilities he’s developed over the years. He is a talent-seeker by nature, excellent at seeing when people are more talented than they themselves are aware of. He is able to see raw talent, and can discern what needs to be done to draw that talent out and refine it. 

With his experience in the New York Nine, he has overseen a fairly large-scale non-profit organization, and was able to navigate the ins and outs of managing such an organization. He has continued to grow and develop as a leader in these roles, and is eager to begin his entrepreneurial career in full.